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Silk Screen Printing

Screen printing is the most common  printing technique for printing t-shirts. The screen has an open area’ of where the ink is allowed to go through and be applied to the t-shirt, shirt, cap, cloth or whatever is being printed. Once printed the printed garment is cured in a heat tunnel or heat press so that the image will not wash out or fade. We can print up to 6 colours on one t-shirt using screen printing. Our art and design is done in house at no charge. For embroidery designs we also do in house digitising at no cost. For light garments we are able to use a soft ink that has a soft touch or soft hand feel to it and it penetrates within the garment. With darker garments we need to use a more opaque ink that needs to sit more on the surface of the garment. We are also able to print a discharge ink onto dark items leaving a very soft feel to the shirt. When we use this process we almost bleach out just the area of the shirt we want printed so that that particular area returns to its natural cotton colour. We then print just that area with a soft ink so that the end result is a printed t-shirt with a very soft feel to it. We are able to supply these shirts or you may supply your own. We do silk screening on T-shirts, Shirts, Caps, Table cloths,  golf shirts, sports bags, corporate gifts.

Digital Printing

Digital printing is best for small quantities of T-Shirts, Cloths, shirts. We print the image digitally and then cut the exact print area out digitally onto a transfer material which is placed onto the shirt. With the modern inks and materials this will last as long as your shirt.


Design and Print masters do in house embroidery on T-shirts, shirts, caps, golf shirts,work wear, cloths, bags and other clothing materials. For embroidery designs we also do in house digitising at a minimum fee. Embroidered corporate clothing always adds the professional look for your company  image. To get a quote on embroidery you can email us and attach the logo you require to be embroidered. Pricing is worked out by the amount of stitches that will be used to stitch the logo or design. You may bring in your own items to be printed or embroidered or you can choose any items we can supply.

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